Downhill Skater sets off speed camera | Video

by Killianon July 26, 2014
A Cape Town skater by the name of Decio recently managed to get caught on Speed Camera racing down Kloof Nek, one of the most infamous roads in Cape Town, South Africa.

Watch the first trailer for the next season of ‘The Walking Dead’

by Killianon July 25, 2014
  Watch the first trailer for the next season of ‘The Walking Dead’ Things have never really been going well on The Walking Dead, but the core crew only appears more broken and battered than ever in the first trailer for Season 5. The trailer teases the group’s attempts to get to DC and — hopefully — deliver a […]

Flood Surfing

by Killianon July 25, 2014
  Flood Surfing in Switzerland Flood Surfing is a new one for us here at Killcool but then again we understand that being landlocked sucks for surfers, obviously. The desire to catch a wave must drive an avid surfer to extrme and it seems the Swiss are no different. Check out this awesome video shot […]

No Cameras Allowed | Trailer

by Killianon July 25, 2014
Over the past five years, Marcus Haney has managed to bluff his way into close to 50 festivals including Coachella, Bonnaroo, Glastonbury, and even the Grammys. All without spending a single dime on admission and now he's making a documentary about it.

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 9.57.28 PM

From Atari to Xbox – A Visual History of Video Game Controllers

by Killianon July 24, 2014
Photographer Javier Laspiur, like many of us, has played on quite a few consoles since his childhood — 22 in total. This lead him to create a photo history of all the video game controllers he's used, starting in 1983 and leading up through 2013. Check out the full series after the jump.
Mariana Braga by Alessandro Casagrande for ‘Polanski’ Magazine Vol. 3

Mariana Braga by Alessandro Casagrande for ‘Polanski’ Magazine Vol. 3 | NSFW

by Killianon July 24, 2014
Mariana Braga by Alessandro Casagrande for ‘Polanski’ Magazine Vol. 3 Mariana Braga’s spread for ‘Polanski’ Magazine Vol. 3 recently shot by photographer Alessandro Casagrande. The issue is extremely limited and only 500 copies will be hitting the presses, if you can go get one!

“Disembodied” Art Exhibition by Revolucionario

by Killianon July 24, 2014
Designer Ricky Sosa worked very closely with one of Mexico’s most revered indigenous groups the Wixáritari community to handcraft some of most unique and inspiring patterns on a collection of animal skulls. The results are simply astonishing!
Azuma Makoto Sends Plants To Space

Plants in Space by Azuma Makoto

by Killianon July 23, 2014
Japanese artist and renowned photographer Azuma Makoto‘s photographed a white pine bonsai and an arrangement of flowers floating above Earth’s bed of clouds for his newest series.

Lego Batman Tumbler

LEGO Batman Tumbler

by Killianon July 21, 2014
LEGO Batman Tumbler LEGO have unveiled a first look at their ELGO Batman Tumbler vehicle from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy and it is freaking awesome! The 15-inch long model consists of 1,869 pieces and comes with Batman and the Joker figurines and a commemorative plaque and stand. LEGO VIP members will get early access to the exclusive […]
Oldest Wisteria Ashikaga Japan

Oldest Wisteria Ashikaga Japan

by Killianon July 21, 2014
Oldest Wisteria Ashikaga Japan This amazing and majestic Wisteria, located in Ashikaga Flower Park in Japan, is actually not the largest in the world, but it still comes in at an impressive 1,990 square meters which is pretty much half an acre. The Wisteria is super old and dates back to around 1870. The largest […]